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Who can use our CIQ-CompanyIQ™ solutions? Anyone who tracks, researches, or investigated publicly traded companies.

Trying to extract meaningful financial information from the 400 different types of SEC disclosure forms can be inefficient and time consuming. Publicly traded companies also disclose significant information on their websites. Anyone analyzing a publicly traded company for executive compensation, financial performance, or investment risk has to deal with this disparate dissemination of information.

Currently in order to get a complete 360° profile of a company, you most likely have to sort through the 400 different types of SEC disclosure forms, wade through a company’s website, and subscribe to multiple, sometimes overlapping, data providers. Instead of going to one provider for SEC comment letters, another for concept analytics, a third for executive compensation, a fourth for board information, and a fifth for financial performance, you could use MyLogIQ’s single integrated CIQ-Company IQ™ platform for all your data needs.

Welcome to the 21st Century. Data Blending with MyLogIQ’s AI Powered Integrated Platform.

CIQ-CompanyIQ™ is a single integrated platform of multiple domains of information, which covers ALL public companies. It provides a comprehensive 360° profile of companied delivered in real time. Refer to the list on your right or click here. Our solution will help you cut costs and increase efficiency.

With CIQ-Company IQ™ you can perform concept based searches and quickly identify changes between documents. You can also pinpoint relevant peer or industry disclosures for any concept and access SIX other domains of information, not covered by other data providers.

Our CIQ-Company IQ™ cloud based software is the most robust research tool in the industry. We provide a 360° compliance perspective for ALL public companies.

With our software, you can access:

  • Over 20 years of historical disclosure information.
  • Over 2 million SEC comments and responses.
  • Over 15 years of executive compensation and corporate governance (proposals, board committees, and structure) information.


You want to identify a company’s year-to-date material weaknesses related to income tax. No problem. With CIQ-Company IQ™ all you have to do is enter “material weakness” and “income tax” in the concept/keyword search box. And you will have your data instantaneously!

Our Advantage:

  • Unlike other data providers, there are no constraints required for eliminating false positives.
  • Our software does not expect you to provide keyword approximation to eliminate false positives.
  • The images below show the varying keyword differences:

    Images show all the context without the expectation of keyword proximity…You would have missed (Image 2 company), had you used four or five words for keyword proximity.

    To eliminate false positives and search within context, other data providers required you to give constraints. If you had limited your search to within three words of each other, you would have completely missed the second company shown in Image 2.

    SECAnalyzer ScreenShot 1
    SECAnalyzer ScreenShot 2

    MY STREAM with CIQ-Company IQ™

    In just three steps, you can generate risk identification reports and trach trends with MyStream.

    1. Specify the criteria you would like for your custom tracking.
    2. Determine who on your team will receive this information.
    3. Login to SECAnalyzer™ and choose MyStream view your streams of information.

    With MyStream you can receive automated signals with information on:

  • Activist Investors
  • Corporate events and actions
  • Ownership and holdings
  • Board and corporate governance
  • Executive and director compensation
  • SOX compliance, and
  • Audit Fees.
  • Contact us for more information regarding our bespoke research and reports.

    Data As A Service: CompanyIQ™

    With a feed from MyLogIQ, you can access all the SEC databased and granular data to integrate within your enterprise platform or feed your user interface. Before a meeting or conference call, you can instantaneously generate digital tear sheets with a taxonomy-based historical data repository.

    From one, easy to access online platform, you can find granular data containing:

  • All quantified SEC disclosures
  • SEC comments and responses
  • Thousands of data points on company financials
  • Corporate governance
  • Ownership
  • Holdings
  • Activist investors
  • Executive and director compensation
  • Audit Fees.
  • DAAS ScreenShot

    For Further Information

    Please contact us for more information about our services and to learn about how MyLogIQ can help you.

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