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MyLogIQ is the largest repository of 360° intelligence on all public companies, traded in the US. We use our proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) to identify, extract, and collate information from millions of SEC disclosures and comment letters, as well as thousands of company websites, to build our granular data repository and construct 360° Corporate Profiles.

Company IQ™ Corporate Profiles paint detailed 360 degree views of public companies. The data in these profiles is continuously updated in accordance with the latest filings and public disclosures. Company IQ™ organizes hundreds of data points into nine Profile Segments. Within each segment, you can view data for the current year, previous years, or a comparison of multiple years. Use Company IQ™ Profile Segments to quickly and effectively conduct know-your-client and/or peer research and build custom reports.

-Company Information, News, Growth, Charters and Policies, Environment and Sustainability
-Business Summary, Management Discussion, Executives, Executive Changes, RF, Subsidiaries, Current Events Corporate Governance
-Corp Gov Philosophy, Board profile, Committees and Meetings, Diversity and Independence, Proposals, Director Compensation and Executive compensation
-Legal Proceedings, Current Events, Commitments and Contingencies, No ACT, Contracts, SEC Disclosures, SEC Comments (summary of topics, forms, time to resolve, iterations, frequency of comments and total comments), Relationships & Contacts
Regulatory Enforcement
-DOJ Enforcement, SEC Enforcement, SEC Proceedings, SEC Comments, PCAOB Proceedings
-Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, Auditor Opinion, ICFR, Audit Fees, Auditing Partner
Shareholders and Activists
-NO ACT, Proxy Fights, Activist Investors
Company Z Scores
-Financial ratios, Financial Details, M&A, DEBT, Top 10 Owners, Insider Ownership, Institutional Ownership


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