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MyLogIQ is the largest repository of 360° intelligence on all public companies, traded in the US. We use our proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) to identify, extract, and collate information from millions of SEC disclosures and comment letters, as well as thousands of company websites, to build our granular repository and construct 360° company profiles.

Leveraging this wealth of clean data, our solutions power intelligent decision-making about public companies. Our data and analytics cover everything you need to know about a company: financial performance, corporate governance, executive and director compensation, regulatory compliance, audit activity, and institutional/activist ownership. All in one place and all on one platform.

Custom Reports

We provide custom reports to leading firms, media outlets and companies. You provide us the company names or metrics, required data points, and calculations, and we’ll generate your unique report. It’s that easy! No contracts required.

Data Feeds

Are you looking for granular intelligence to power your systems? MyLogIQ has the experience and expertise to deliver you the clean data feed that you need. It’s as simple as a handshake.


Risk Factors, Management’s View, Accounting Policies, Changes, Executives, Board members, Bylaws, Material Contracts, Corporate Governance Philosophies, Board Members, profiles, Independence, committees, meetings, Proposals, Shareholder proposals, corporate events, Debt, M&A, Auditors, Audit Fees, SOX weaknesses, Financial Ratios, Financial Benchmarking, Executive & Director Compensation, Location, Industry, Corp Fin Office

SEC Enforcement and Compliance letters

SEC Comments and registrant responses by various Industries, Peers, and Responses by individual companies. Track by topics, form types, sections, Accounting and Legal regulations, number of days to close comment, SEC Examiner, Number of iterations to close comment.

Audit Related

Auditors, Audit Fees, Audit Related fees, tax fees, peers and what they pay, tenure in company, Audit opinion, ICFR opinion, days to sign audit opinion after close, Audit Committees, Audit Chair,


Investment Bankers and consultants helping public companies in Compensation, Material Contracts, Mergers, Acquisitions, Debt and exchange offerings.


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