About Us

MyLogIQ started innovating on big-data and analysis more than a decade ago, under its former name LogixData. Today, we offer an unrivaled AI Powered solution for analyzing public company SEC filings and other financial reports as well as reporting and regulatory trends. Customers access our intelligent databases through our Software-As-A-Service: CIQ-Company IQ™ or Data-As-A-Service: CIQ-CompanyIQ™.


MyLogIQ solutions are used by external reporting teams of public companies, big auditing firms, law firms, academia and regulatory bodies. Users can subscribe to any or all of the following intelligent databases:

  • Disclosure Research and Benchmarking
  • SEC Comment Letters and Responses
  • Audit Fees and SOX Analysis
  • Corporate Governance Analysis
  • Executive and Director Compensation Analysis
  • Financial Analysis
  • XBRL Liability Analysis
  • Ownership and Activist Investors.
  • MyLogIQ LLC.
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