Data Blending with Public Company information:The Power of Artificial Intelligence

Speed. Accuracy. Depth.

All with a 360° real-time view in one integrated platform.

class="text-center lead">Data blending is the ability to bring data from multiple data sources into one view. That is what we do with SEC filings.

MyLogIQ is disrupting the market place with its single integrated platform for multiple domains of data thereby providing cost and analysis efficiency. Replace your multiple, overlapping, limited niche data vendors with a single AI powered platform that covers all public companies and all domains of information.

Company Filings & SEC Comments MyLogIQ, Morning Star, Intelligize
  • 20 years of history on all SEC filings
  • State of the art search algorithms
  • Every SEC Comment is associated with the corresponding registrant response, Multiple conversations are threaded in a narrative style for complete understanding of the comment and response(s)
  • Search disclosures and SEC comments with constraints on Items or footnotes to financials (Unique solution from MyLogIQ™)
  • Timeliness, accuracy and depth in a single platform
Audit Fees, ICFR, SOX Compliance MyLogIQ, Audit Analytics
  • All publicly traded companies
  • 8 year history of audit fee details, broken down by line item
  • History of auditor changes, SOX compliance, and ICFR issues
  • Audit partner identification by city, state and audit opinion date
  • Correlated Audit committee meetings and membership with audit fees
Earnings release & Guidance MyLogIQ, Factset, S&P & others
  • Within seconds of Earnings release, get complete as reported data on all public companies
  • Get ratios, metrics and, comparisons with earlier period in seconds
  • Lowest latency on earnings release as reported and normalized data in the market
Financials MyLogIQ, Factset, S&P & others
  • 20 years of historical financials
  • Disaggregate consolidated statements with data included in footnotes and MD&A
  • For a normalized comparison, use our normalization mapping with XBRL US Taxonomy
  • All data mined from EDGAR filings. Don’t be stuck on XBRL limitations
  • Only source in the market covering all MD&A and financial footnotes with 20 year history
Ownership (All 13* filings and special tracking for activist investors and their intent) MyLogIQ, Factset, S&P & others
  • Within minutes and coverage of all companies immaterial of size
  • Identify increase/decrease of institutional holdings
  • All 13* filings and special tracking for Activist investors and their intent
Corporate Governance MyLogIQ, Factset, ISS & others
  • 8 year history on all board activities
  • Board committees, members, independent director identification, number of meetings, change in committees or members or meetings year over year
  • Number of board members, directors, gender, executive/non-executive chairman, lead director identification
  • Biography of all directors with pictures (if provided)
  • Proposals to be voted on company’s annual meetings
  • Listing of management and shareholder proposals and Boards recommendation
  • Results of company’s proposals
Compensation MyLogIQ, S&P, ISS & Equilar
  • All companies executive and director compensation
  • 15 years of history on executive compensation
  • 8 year history on director compensation
  • Every column of every compensation table extracted and time series performed to show increases
  • Calculations for total direct compensation

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